sábado, 7 de junio de 2008

sarita cartonera y la universidad catolica


Yesterday I went to la universidad catolica de peru with my friend maggie. I went to a class about peace culture, the professor gave a lecture about contemporary politics in peru and read from todorov's book Hope and Memory: Lessons from the Twentieth Century

"The idea of 'humanitarian bombs' and 'ethical war' is profoundly shocking. Some wars are just, for example, those undertaken in self-defence against aggression, or to avert the deaths of millions of people. But no war, not even a just war, is merciful. Only a particularly docile public, or one that is keen to preserve its good conscience, can dismiss what the other side calls 'crimes against humanity' (civilian deaths) as 'collateral damage."

Last night I met with Tania Silva at a cafe down the street. We had an excellent talk and I will begin working with Sarita Cartonera today.

This morning, there was a tremor, un temblor, a little earthquake. It woke me up. the sky is blue now- it had been gray since I got here. Vasco told me that they say that the sky stays blue as long as the earth is adjusting, that there will be more (hopefully little) earthquakes.

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